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Castle Fight Bot p1l1s

1. serbianidiot 83 % (678)
2. velka.tykev 89 % (1270)
3. happy 88 % (788)
4. dr.proff. 83 % (604)
5. scarlitex 92 % (942)
6. generalmajor 84 % (529)
7. iamfromghetto 82 % (409)
8. darkordos 77 % (408)
9. nf_diablo 74 % (543)
10. snowcatter 91 % (301)


HellHalt Bot p1l1s

1. yoursoulismine 82 % (701)
2. the_phantom_34 75 % (2221)
3. slash 89 % (988)
4. feedthefools 74 % (1739)
5. d7dkhe_fl 62 % (1336)
6. lobbist 87 % (461)
7. decibelo 87 % (1366)
8. rowarrior 68 % (700)
9. [ucb]bibby 74 % (1021)
10. lotr_legolas 76 % (798)


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Server Staff2010-05-30

I am proudly introducing Woozie as a new operator. He just become one of the server staff members,and as i know he will try to get rid of cheaters in our server. Good luck !
Server Staff2010-05-16

Currently we are looking to increase our staff, if you want to become one of us mail me,and explain how could you help maintain server and wich position you would prefer. Only successful applicants will get reply.
Account registration !2010-05-13

From today you can register new accounts from one e-mail as many as you like.
Update to 1.24e2010-03-14

Download Patch 1.24e FULL>>(War3TFT_124e_English.exe)
New Installer with win7 support.You can download it from Files section.


- Fixed an exploit rendering buildings non-interactable (tower hack).
- Fixed an exploit allowing a player to bypass a summon abilitys
cooldown (summon/cooldown hack).
- Fixed a client crash related to workers failing to build in an
unintended way (new crash hack).
- Fixed an exploit allowing the Blood Mages Phoenix to be resurrected
instantly (phoenix hack).
- Fixed a bug allowing players to select an invalid matchmaking race
resulting in all the players units and buildings becoming sheep
(sheep hack).
Automatic Tourneys2010-03-14

Added 2v2 Tourney type. Disqualification after 10 minutes if you are disconnected from server. 2v2 PG - You must play as you are registered player1,player2 - in game slot1, slot2... not as line-up, and make sure your opponents in the right order as well or results will be invalid and you will have to RE-play the match.
Automatic Tourneys2010-02-28

As you may have noticed there were several tournaments that did not take place because many of the players came out. I made a lot more accurate now retired players' calculations. All players who previously had received the defeats will be rebuilt. Currently, it only works in 1x1 tournament type.
Full Installation for 1.24d OUT NOW!2010-02-01

New Installer with Visa support.You can download it from files section.Win7 users need to use a winxp sp3 compatibility by clicking on right button and selecting test campatability.
Update to 1.24d2010-01-31

Download Patch 1.24d FULL>>(War3TFT_124d_English.exe)

- Fixed a client crash related to queuing too many invalid build commands ("crash hack").

Replay parser has been added, i hope you all enjoy it!
Ghost bots2010-01-17

From today, all Ghost bots must be in channel: Bots



2018.03.04 Castle Fight tourney winners - nopeu & DaneSDB
Tournament registration
Players list
Tournament schedule
Tournament rules

tournament winners

Castle Fight 2v2

Nopeu &  DaneSDB 2018.03.04
npokypopp &  voix2ciel 2015.06.07
Myrmidon &  DaneSDB 2014.11.02
ChampK &  qpEHuKC 2014.03.02
kamilek &  F4RR3LL77307 2013.12.22
xektop &  exivious 2013.06.02
exivious &  Myrm1don 2013.04.07
narkiz &  regis555 2012.12.16
narkiz &  regis555 2012.07.29
VAGYDARNUOR &  Sunus 2012.05.13


Castle Fight 1v1

sd.warik   2016.05.08
Leremur   2015.04.05
123_OOO   2015.02.01
Leremur   2014.04.13
Giz   2012.02.16
exortas   2012.02.02
_PaneleGrete_   2011.12.08
JustinBieber   2011.12.01
JustinBieber   2011.11.24
Giz   2011.11.17

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